Monday, 11 October 2010

Free Atjazz Remix

Thanks for supporting Paper Recordings and just to show you we care, there’s an exclusive unreleased Atjazz Instrumental of Flash Atkins ’ Make Your Move for you to download - for FREE!

This will only be live until midnight Wednesday.

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Flash Atkins - Make Your Move feat. Danielle Moore

Make Your Move (Original) - Flash Atkins by paperecordings

Make Your Move (Ashley Beedle Remix) - Flash Atkins by paperecordings

Make Your Move (Atjazz Remix) - Flash Atkins by paperecordings

Flash Atkins - Make Your Move feat. Danielle Moore
(plus Ashley Beedle & Atjazz Remixes)

Paper Recordings PAPD011


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The Superhero past his prime, Flash Atkins is back with a timeless release of deep slow burning soul that shows off his chops as a producer; and some heavyweight mixes to boot. Featuring Crazy P’s Danielle Moore at her sultry best, the original has live bass, drums, guitar, horns and guitar plus Rhodes and electronics all wrapped up in a killer 90BPM 4/4 groove.

Atjazz pitches things up for some classic deep house, which he does so well. It’s got an afro groove, shuffling percussion, gorgeous pads and keys that tease before the bass hits. He then brings out the song before taking out the bass and stripping it back down to make a hypnotic middle section reminiscent of Global Underground’s The Way. The bass and keys then re-emerge for the soulful end….ahhhhh.

Ashley Beedle, a man who’s had his sticky paws in some of the best dance music of the past twenty years takes the track in to psychedelic rock direction. He gives it a heavyweight drum groove and showcases Danielle’s vocals, using plenty of the original parts but adds some heavily effected guitars and percussion.

The Reprise strips the original mix of all its beats and let’s Danielle’s vocals soar over the Rhodes; and finally Atjazz and Ashley Beedle’s dub are included for those allergic to vocals!

ZUBB Chart – Entry Number 27 - Danielle Moore takes the lead over a simmering soul stew. Ashley Beedle turns up the heat.

Rocky : Atjazz getting played on this week's show. Closing track. Beeeutiful

Jazzanova : My fav is the Atjazz Remix. Sound and arrangement is great.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) : Original is great, Ashley Beedle mix is fav though.

The Revenge : What a package - most of these mixes will be getting played.

Mathew Krysko : Paper's back with a happy chugger - nice one Flash.

Rub n Tug : Cooooool

Chris Duckenfield : Lovely slinky 'Delta House' styles from Sir Beedle. Bonus Blender particularly tasty & some fine Herbertesque scrubbings from AJ as well.

Wolf & Lamb : Jeez... Beedle killed it here!! Amazing, musical remix... my pick of the bunch.

James Teej (Rekids) : Awesome fucking release, finally some real music! The original is dope as hell, and the Ashley Beedle is smashing.

Peter Kruder : Mellow & nice

Osunlade : Love the Atjazz remix.

Roberto Rodriguez (Compost / Freerange) : 5 star release here. Really good original with excellent remixes. Full steam ahead!

Leo Zero : Loving this slo-mo funker! - Original Mix and Ashley mix for me!

Jay Tripwire : Adding the Atjazz Remix to my RA Chart immediately, amazing project. All the mixes have a time and a place.

Leftside : Great package, all mixes will be played but especially liking the original mix for those sultry Sunday Soul sessions.

Luke Howard : Very nice slow groove, cute vocals and lyrics. Right up my strasse.

Danny Mac : What can I say. Wicked! This is going straight to the front of the box!!! X

Balihu : Nice warm and soulful and i also like the little acid touch...:)))

Jimpster : Atjazz Instrumental! gorgeous!

Stuart Knight (Toolroom) - 'Classy release from MR ATKINS ..sweet vocal with Atjazz pulling of a Stellar remix top work all round

Harri ((SubClub) 'Nice work Ben, all mixes are really good especially the Atjazz mix'

Craig Woodrow - Make Your Move (Ashley Beedle Remix) - 'Wow, Fantastic’

Stefano (Disco Outcasts) - 'Beedle Rulin!!!!!! Love it, thanks xx'

Fred Everything - 'Very nice Acid-Jazzey vibe on this release. I would expect to prefere AtJazz's mix (which is Dope) but I'd go with the more "natural" sounding Ashley Beedle Remix. thx!'

Stuart Patterson - 'Fonky.. radio playlisted, burnt the whole damn ruddy massive zip as can't decide which mix i like best , i'll have to play them all together in my own re-edit , ta

DJ Alex - 'The Ashley Beedle mixes are doing it for me!'

Shane Johnson - Fish Go Deep - 'Atjazz remix doing it for me. Nice vocal, beats and musique.'