Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Collaborations EP Reactions

Rune Lindbaek - Looooving this Malawi, my favourite tune of the moment!

Tensnake - Quality jams , perfect for summer disco parties!

Bill Brewster - Wilco is a floor filler!

Jim Baron (Crazy P / Ron Basejam) - All over Malawi Chant like a Forest Road hooker!

Cosmic Disco - This is Brilliant! Summer all over it!

Billy Scurry - Wow, this is a bit epic..was loving Malawi Chant then the dub came..then

Calieo Square. It's huge and will be massive in Croatia this year.

Drop Out Orchestra -  Love the chant!!

Moodymanc - Like the roughness of wilco... great roomy vibe.. orig of malawi chant is great too...

Nathan Detroit – PUMPERZ! Love Wilco!

Sleazy McQueen - I'm totally feeling the break vibe and transition on Wilco!

The Dead Rose Music Company - Loving Wilco!

Q-Burns Abstract Message - Solid all the way around. "Wilco" is my pick of a very strong bunch. Thanks!

Leftside Wobble - Malawi Chant on board the Africa Express for me.

Marius VĂ„reid (Full Pupp) - All these are top tunes, proper aceness!

Nick Holder (DNH) - Calieo Square is FIRE!

Dave Jarvis (Faith) - Excellent and an all round well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45) - Malawi Chant for me.. deepness!!

Daniel Solar - Wilco is sick! I'm already sure i will play it loads! Thanks

DJ Rocca (Ajello) - Great stuff! Malawi Chant Dub and the amazing balearic Calieo Square are my favourites

Bottin’ – Nice EP

Kiko Navarro - Wilco is a disco bomb, Malawi has good afro roots. I will play both.

Jacob (Eclectic Avenue Records) - Best EP, I’ve heard in a while this. Hard to pick my favourite but if I had to it would be Malawi Chant, but all will get played by me.

Harri (Sub Club) - Nice work mate....liking these

Cosmo Vitelli - Wilco and the Malawi tracks are great. Solid EP, will play it

Justin Harris (Freaks) - Great EP - niiice ;)

Aldrin Zouk - Good package. Calieo Square on point.

This Is Why We Dance - Off the wall stuff here…

Wrighty (Soul Buggin’) - Great EP, gonna be playing all of the tracks on here. Malawi Chant edges it for me, so damn funky

Jamie L – Deep valley vibes, nice work lads.

Nelson Ramalho (The Weekend Warm Up) - Fantastic loving all three tracks! Calieo is floaty, Wilco is bouncy and Malawi Chant is groovy (go for the dub for a more clubby sound). A nice combo and a strong EP.

Bobby Beige - Excellent stuff,really like all three tracks the kind of house music i like,interesting and deep

Andrew Clarke - Great EP but especially liking the afro vibes of Malawi Chant. Lovely stuff!!

Black Mighty Wax - Yes!! Wilco And Calieo Square will fit perfectly my dj sets. Peace!

Death on the Balcony - Wilco & Calieo Square are the ones!

Joe Morris - Been loving these for a while, Calieo Square is the one for me.

Tunnel FM - Outstanding EP... "Wilco", "Malawi Chant (Dub)" & "Calieo Square" stand out for me... absolutely support.

The Lovely Jonjo - Really loving the build of Wilco when that Morodory second drop comes in. Super

Chris Massey - Top marks to the man in Spandex!

Frank Lihaug - Fantastic ep - The Wilco track is sick...

Nuno Cacho - Wilco is a genius track! Malawi Is really a fusion between New Orleans, Angola and Phily's 90 House? Brilliant! Ok on the Dub put a little beat more of Spirituals... Calieo Square, is so refreshing... Reminds me the after hours on boat at the Douro River playing the Paper's vinyl promos on the 90's.

Murray Richardson - I like the Malawi Chant so i do so i do.

Bogdan Taran - Wilco is brilliant and Malawi Chant is also fantastic, funky and jazzy!