Friday, 16 April 2010

The Sweetshop - 2D VersionD version of The Sweetshop video, no specs requires and full screen for the full WTF experience

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Life loser, failed Super Hero and dis-reputable alcoholic Flash Atkins has managed to temporarily get his shit together and use his superpowers to create an amazing video for , The Sweetshop.

Completely unique, turns social networking on its head and in a world where all the ideas have been used up, this is a NEW ONE! It takes a sideways look at Facebook / YouTube / My Space / Twitter and filters it all through the seedy world of Flash Atkins.

The Sweetshop (Pick & Mix) has got lo-fi bass, crunchy drums and snapping synths all topped off with 70s crooner Caspa Codinas sleazy falsetto; its pop music with a knowing wink and impeccable 80s credentials.

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